Minecraft Servers are now FREE

Minecraft Servers are now FREE

we are now hosting small Minecraft servers providing 2 GB of RAM for Free.. You can upload any version of Minecraft you want to run.

these small personal servers will be able to run a handful of plug-ins and provide up to 30 players

if you Outgrow this size server I need something larger just ask and we can provide you with one of those

31/01/2021 - Written by: Frank

Do you want to see our Control Panel in action?
Login with our demo account and look around.
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Why we are the BEST

We have what other Gameserver hosts have, except BETTER and CHEAPER.
Sometimes customizing a Gameserver is difficultWe are here to HELP you.
Join our discord and just ask for help with your server (You wont get that with ANY OTHER host
Move to another location or change the game at any time

100% refund if you are not satisfied

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Locations Worldwide

Dallas, USA
Kansas City, USA
Los Angeles, USA
New York City, USA
Gravelines, FRANCE
Roubaix, FRANCE
Nuremburg, GERMANY
London, UK

Play it like you Stole it