Latest News

New Location in France

We have added a new location in Gravelines, France in addition to our current Roubaix, France.

Minecraft Servers are now FREE

we are now hosting small Minecraft servers providing 2 GB of RAM for Free.. You can upload any version of Minecraft you want to run.

these small personal servers will be able to run a handful of plug-ins and provide up to 30 players

if you Outgrow this size server I need something larger just ask and we can provide you with one of those

 London is now available!

We are expanding again and have recently added London has a new location for server hosting. If you would like to move your server to London submit a ticket and we can do that for you

NEW Location Available !

We have just added a server in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
This is a Linux server and will be hosting games such as Gmod, TF2, Insurgency, Counter-Strike and all the Oldies but Goodies